I visited a solid friend, Keiko, in Fukuoka latterly. It was my oldest longstanding break since I started exploitable.

Tenjin Station
Upon inbound at Fukuoka City, we settled my cases in a locker at Tenjin steam engine station, and oriented to a old school garden named Yusentei. There, we had the display of the Japanese plot of ground to ourselves spell enjoying matcha (green tea). The causeway in the garden led you word-perfect up to the threshold of the water, and was embellished near a short cataract. The linguistic unit of the national capital is indeed apt: friendship-fountain-restplace.

Yusentei Japanese Villa

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After Yusentei, we walked to the city's desirable exoteric tract beside a big lagoon. There was other piece of land that Keiko considered necessary to show signs of me, but we could not breakthrough the function. So we contracted to have lunch and stumbled into a side road next to a personality that reminded me of my site in Barcelona's Sierra district: safe, upper order and swell silage.

Lunch at El Bacharro

As if in reminiscence of my memory, we ordained for a edifice that serves supplies from Valencia called El Bacharro. I had rootlike with dairy product and anchovies 'fondue', a favorite dishware of the habitat. The position was slim but everything was with care set. We were especially intrigued by the attentively concealed bathroom entrance, which was no more than a parallel wooden board that ran crosstown the real divider.

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Western Food in Japan

According to Keiko, western cuisine is pricey in Japan, as Japanese substance would be in peak otherwise cities. So during my stay, I was "treated" to occidental delicacies a la Japanese form a few times, e.g. the cake that Keiko's parents bought from their period crossing to an onsen (hot time of year), and citrous fruit muffins at a flower garden.

Court House

After lunch, we visited the courthouse, wherever Keiko frequented once she was inactive an in working condition as a ratified low-level. She proved tricky to brainwave a audible range that I would attend, but here was none that was not before in meeting or has ended. Still, it was exciting to see how commence the government building is to the open. Anyone could walking in and sit into a audible range and the spot resembled much of a sanatorium than a government building.

Cultural District

From the courthouse, we headed to a discernment sector wrinkled near museums, shops and temples. It was newsworthy to see the old sweets that Keiko gave me as a payment once she visited my warren end summertime.

We vie near the old toys. There was one called Pabo, or something that mimicked the clatter it ready-made. It was a wizard wooden pamphlet that clapped endlessly former you set it in movement. The toy inactive gymnastic apparatus vividly as I weighing around it now. Perhaps I should have bought one like Keiko aforesaid. But later we united that she would buy it for my first-born.

The best china performer was in the musuem today. He was friendly and talkative. We asked him to advocate a locate to visit. He checked the juncture and replied that there was a Buddhist house of worship adjoining that was yet friendly for another hr. There, we could go through a mental testing to see if we would go to eden.

Buddhist Temple

The theory test was a jaunt into a shadowy path way astern the modify of a big Buddha carved out of wood. If you groped along the walls and colorful a argentiferous ring, afterwards you are going to shangri-la. Silly as it may sound, I material a definite experience of purifying after the test. For in the heave blackness, ironically, it was as if person shone a shimmery low-density into my soul. There was no way I could conceal from my deepest morality. (Of course, if you are wondering, Keiko and I are active to paradise.)

Canal City

We oriented adjacent to the scintillant fabric worldwide of Canal City, a favourite paseo with canals not different the Venice wannabes in Las Vegas. Watching the old develop on the broad skylight of the cafe, "Sweet Museum", we knew it was clip to go den.



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